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Personalised vinyl stickers, can be a great way to promote your business and naturally lend themselves to many ways of marketing In a world. now days we spend most of our effort marketing online, whether it’s tweeting, sharing or posting, it’s easy to overlook anything beyond this. But this makes the power of using print and something tangible even more important, just like the Levis advert said, ‘When The World Zigs, Zag’.

With this in mind why don’t you get started today by ordering your sticky labels, and use them your way. Sticking even a logo on your products to increase brand awareness is just one way to use them and even if it is the most common, you don’t have to be. Stand-out with your marketing ideas by using one of the ideas below or better yet, have the courage to be different and find your own bespoke way to promote your business.

                  Digitally printed. 

 Digitally printed on to vinyl which are available to customise in any size from 20x30mm up to a e 250x2500mm online. Are a great way to promote your school, business or club with Fantastic durability even when situated outdoors you can use these stickers for number of uses.

Minimum order: of 100  start at  £17.99 inc. VAT.

All our Vinyl Stickers (also referred to as custom stickers, printed stickers, printed vinyl stickers, gloss vinyl stickers etc.) are a hardwearing, waterproof sticker product that will display your logo professionally in almost any situation. Our vinyl sticker products are available in any shape and any size  This flexibility in our product range allows you to produce the exact sticker you need, in any colour, shape or size you wish.

  • Full colour, high resolution digital printing
  • Strong adhesion
  • Water resistant
  • Non-yellowing
  • No setup or design fees


Product FAQs

How are the vinyl stickers supplied?

All of our  stickers are supplied in an easy-to-peel sheet format with multiple stickers on each sheet.

What is the minimum and maximum size for a vinyl sticker?

Minimum size: 20 x 30mm
Maximum size: 250 x 250mm
(email for larger quantities or/and sizes)

What shapes can I choose from?

Our vinyl stickers are available in almost any shape you can think of. On our website you can choose from: Rectangle, Square, Circle and Oval.  . therefore Once you have chosen your shape you will have full control of the width, height.


Digitally printed stickers using a high resolution 4 colour (CMYK) solvent print process to print all logos, text and background colours onto our products.

Promote An Offer

It’s all card card-body and good ordering large numbers of print but what happens when a price changes on your leaflet or you want to have a sale? Stickers, that’s what happens. Nothing is better than getting attention to a sale than a glossy sticker on a price list. It makes your discount and cheap prices look genuine and as if it won’t last forever giving your customers that ‘hurry up and buy today’ urgency. When promoting something its important its get noticed so solid bright colours seem to get that all needed attention combined with easy to read text. If you have a direct outlet to customers either in a shop or you do craft fairs then why not stick them directly on your products, stands or displays to tell your customers of the extra discount.

Call To Action

A call to action is something which has become synonymous with websites in recent years, it‘s a way of telling your customers what you want them to do next. Why not combine this idea with your brand for your next order of customised stickers. Some of our customers have had great success with this. Here are a few of the examples to give you some ideas: Pick Me Up, Touch Me, Buy Me, Hello Beautiful, the list goes on and I’m sure you can come up with some great ones for your business.

Name Labels

Nothing gets a smile like having a ‘Hello My Name Is…’ badge which  to you (we have no concrete evidence of this actually being the case). So whether your company is attending a conference or holding an event get things moving quicker with an easy way to introduce yourself. This sticker design isn‘t the only way to go, why not design your own online, maybe incorporate your company logo or a funny tagline which aligns with the event.

Envelopes And Boxes

A more simplistic way to look at this section is, packaging stickers. I may go back and change that title later. It’s only been the last few years’ companies have really been making the most of the white (or brown) space which is available on packaging as a way of marketing to customers and creating the ‘Emballage suprême’, that’s French for supreme packaging. By using the packaging you can create a suspense and excitement in both having the package and also opening it. By this alone it makes it much more of a big deal and has increased your chances of getting brand coverage on social media when your customer snaps a photo and posts it!

Product Labels

So your own products are on point, they are packaged in either boxes, jars, bags or some other protective container that isn’t even in the dictionary yet but what you now need is bespoke product labels printed which heighten the products uniqueness and can be attached in no time.

Address Labels

How about designing a vinyl sticker online to create a bespoke address badge which incorporates your brand identity? Our rectangle stickers are the standard choice for this and they are east to write on so are perfect for the addresses of your customers. Alternatively, you can use these as return labels increasing the processional look of your company.


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